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History of KOSMTC

Affiliated to the National Operatic & Dramatic Association

K.O.S. was one of the first performers of musical shows in the town. Founded on March 7th 1919, the society was originally named the Kettering Amateur Operatic Society.

The first work to be performed was "Dorothy", at the Victoria Hall, Gold Street (later the Victoria Picture House - now demolished), on December 16th, - 20th (with matinee), the same year.

Quote from the programme:- "Despite the heavy expense of the production of "Dorothy", the Society was able to hand over to the Kettering and District General Hospital 100 guineas". - a lot of money in 1919!

O those halcyon days when even with "heavy expenses" a company could still afford to give to a Charity at the end of the production. Not like today's situation when we are all fighting to make ends meet.

Reformed after the war as Kettering Junior Operatic Society under the auspices of Miss Gladys Riseley MBE the Society has continued to offer a wide range of productions to the Kettering public every year since 1947.

The following text is taken from the programmes of the first two productions...


Founded on March 7th 1919, the Kettering Amateur Operatic Society is now in its fourth year.

The founders were Messrs. E. Lorimer, S. Roughton, C.J. Olive, Louis Dimery and A.J. Palmer, who, at the inaugural meeting held at Bank House, Kettering, co-opted the following gentlemen on the committee: Messrs. H.G.Gotch, Thomas Seddon M.B.E., A.H. Bryan, H.B. Judkins, F.A. Wright, John Goss, T.A. Mursell, C.J. Symonds, J. Ficken, A.B. Crowsley and S.Patrick.

At a subsequent meeting (April 2nd) Mr E. Lorimer pointed out the opening for such a Society and outlined the form it should take, its management and its composition, and on his proposition, seconded by Mr. H.B. Judkins, the Society was duly formed.

The first officers elected were: President, Mr H.G. Gotch; Hon. Secretary, Mr.A.B. Crowsley; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Ernest Lorimer.

The founders were elected en bloc as the Committee. Mr. S. Roughton was appointed Hon. Conductor and Mr. E. Lorimer Stage Manager.

There was an excellent response to the invitations sent out to vocalists to form the chorus, and also to subscribers. Later the Society was affiliated to the National Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Association.

The first work to be performed was "Dorothy", and Mr Percy Rendell ably coached the Society for their successful performances of that opera, at the Victoria Hall, Gold Street (now the Victoria Picture House), on December 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th (with matinee), 1919.